Does your company profile and trade activity resemble ours? It does:

If you are an ultra-wholesale exporter, distributor or official brand(s) dealer/group of dealers
If you trade with brand new automotive parts and lubricants in their original packaging and tags
If you are able to provide the highest quality goods/services with:
  • The most up-to-date and competitive prices for more than 300 OE and AM premium brands and lubricants
  • Full indent ex-works tariffs and ex-works stock tariffs
  • Indent lead times up to 6-8 weeks for AM brands and 8-10 weeks for OE brands
  • Active management of the backorders with us
  • Acceptance of possible cancellations related to business (e.g.extreme delivery delays or unavailability of ETA)
  • Excellent packing and the use of stackable pallets with high pallet density securing continuous transport efficiency
Ex-works terms, for us to arrange all collection details/tasks
FTP or web service for the sharing of tariff price lists, to keep us up to date 365 days a year

Cooperating with us gives you the following clear advantages:

Same-day speed of payment

enabling collection of our goods on the same day of invoicing

Handling the transport

ourselves through our integrated transport department

Having a dedicated English-speaking

Purchase department manager for all communications

Quick and precise

Communication with our purchase team

Purchase orders placed

to our supplier via direct email or their online marketplace / B2B portal

Acceptance of tariffs

and invoices in any preferred currency

Receive our understanding

and respect with regard to longer factory delivery times

Sharing periodic detailed

Analysis and feedback on competitiveness, current and future sales per brand


EU location


Sustainable growth year-to-year

Discreet sourcing,

we never disclose any supplier to any customer

Selective selling,

we enable you to apply a regional or even entire country exclusion.



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If the above described conditions are ones that you understand and find acceptable, please provide us with the following necessary information: